When I was 13 I used all of my summer babysitting money to buy my first darkroom equipment. My camera was a classic film yashica with a prime portrait lens, and my light meter used to actually bounce up and down as my field of view shifted. Through high school I developed many rolls of B&W in my basement, laboriously printing each image, one at a time.

Photography has come a long ways in the past few decades, but the premise is the same: understand light and composition and find loving people to surround yourself with, and you'll capture an image worth saving. I now shoot on a full frame Canon 5D II, and usually default to a prime portrait lens, but I'm happy to thrown on a wide or a macro for special occasions.

Photography is my side gig (I'm a science teacher by trade), but because I don't shoot a zillion weddings a year, I'm able to really spent time getting to know my clients. I'm happiest when I'm shooting weddings outside on a mountain or at a beach, with a lot of natural light, dogs, and children running around, but I can adjust accordingly to more formal venues. I love to come to my clients' homes for family shoots too.

If this sounds good give me a call! I'd love to take you out to coffee and talk about your wedding. Packages start at $1,200 for 6 hours of coverage, and can be customized to meet your needs. Family portrait sessions start at $200. A 2nd shooter is also available for larger parties.